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Old Laminate
Perhaps marble never gets buried. Perhaps the streets of Lisbon, with their meticulous, mosaic walks never need a functional or hip update, deposited under coatings of asphalt or bamboo. However, layers usually accumulate, subconsciously and naturally, until they become the dense fabric of who we really are: complex, scarred, and evolving. So carry and know all of your lamina because it is as part of you as the countless micro-droplets of the Pacific, of the smallest gear in a forgotten golden watch, stored in an heirloom drawer. Josh Rose welcomes you to uncover Old Laminate, to digest all of its layers and to transport you to a new level. Old Laminate is the product of a successful Kickstarter project started by Midwest Singer Songwriter, Josh Rose. During the deep freeze of 2013-14, Josh drove down every Tuesday night in every form of wretched weather to a cinder-block fortress-studio, where he, along with his producer, Michael Crittenden, crafted twelve poignant songs that forge much, much deeper than the saccharine fare that completely dominates the automatic, entitled-consumer, popular music world of our day. This music is much like a memorable meal: mood-evoking, fresh, and necessary. As the winter winds blasted the rest of the world into submission, a beautiful veneer was born and coated onto the landscape of modern music.

Tour Dates

8/23/19 - Grand Rapids, MI - Bands at Blandford - Blandford Nature Center (7 pm)

9/6/19 - Remus, MI - Wheatland Music Festival Song Tent (TBA)

9/14/19 - Lowell, MI - Fallasburg Fall Festival w/ The Founding Fathers (3 pm)

9/19/19 - Grand Rapids, MI - Hammond House Concert opening for Peter Mulvey (7 pm)

9/21/19 - Lake City, MI - Earthwork Music Festival (TBA)

11/16/19 - Grand Rapids, MI - Blandford Writing Workshop @ Blandford Nature Center (4 pm)

12/6/19 - Kalamazoo, MI - Songwriter Series @ Webster's (7 pm)

About Josh

Songs tend to originate in some Nashville/LA factory with the glossy coating shaped by a countless number of “pros”. The writers upon engineers upon co-writers upon writers upon stylists pass these song-objects down a huge manufacturing line and then watch the dollar signs flash. The song (that you’ve heard before) enters the public consciousness, launches a career or two, and then vanishes into oblivion. The throw-away culture strikes again. There are other songs, though, that come from craftsmen, like the characters you see working away at some Americana exhibit creating relics of an unknown past. These song craftsmen create works that are plucked from the air, like lightning bugs destined for an old Mason jar. The songs of these artists become polished like the ancient stones in the Flat River. These songs come wrapped in brown paper with an old twine ribbon. These songs come from the soul and etch themselves into your fabric.

Josh Rose is one of these craftsmen.

Josh grew up in the northern woodlands and fine tuned his songwriting in the borderlands. He has spent the past ten years touring the midwest, teaching, writing, and creating a rich body of work. Josh is the type of writer who labors over every word and wants his songs to be injected into the listener's permanent being. After his two previous studio albums, Firework Letdown and Slow Bloom, Josh is more than pleased to bring you Old Laminate.
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