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Deep Trouble

Lorem ipsum dolorBought myself a length of rope – one inch long, my friends.
Managed to hang myself with it on the shorter end.
Always in the hardest sections, I take a turn for worse.
I need some help to change direction and let my feet touch earth.

Somewhere else the sun is rising – a fresh white paper sheet.
All I know is the hole below me; I’m in trouble deep.
Deep trouble.

Read aloud the warning sign posted on the door.
I’ll admit that the black, fine print was easy to ignore.
Despite my pride in fine detection, I pulled the rusty latch.
I walked right in to a thieves’ convention and I now I can’t go back.

Got a tip from a silver spoon kid deep on the inside,
Saw the numbers rolling up whenever I closed my eyes.
Despite my pride in fine detection, it turned into a scam.
Now in my best future prediction, I’m still a broken man.