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Lorem ipsum dolorTried to grab the water, but it dodged my open hand,
It fell off my fingers and onto the wasteland.
Tired to grab the lifeline, but the cord was short and frayed,
I’m falling in negative airspace.

I’m that last one of the last one of the dinosaurs.

They built the world around us, but it’s also spreading out:
A monster that slowly consumes itself.
For a while, I walked the shoreline, tried to make a decent sort,
In the canyons of steel, wire, and keyboards.

The comet’s in the skyline, at least that’s what I think it is.
And no one really seems to notice it.
You can call me what you want, you can call me ignorant,
But don’t take my life and tell me how to live it.

Now I know what happened to the river,
It only flows because it’s got no voice, got no say,
Why do we always have to follow nature?
I’ll be the last drop the last shot the last dot that finally floats away.