Josh Rose – Old Laminate

Perhaps marble never gets buried. Perhaps the streets of Lisbon, with their meticulous, mosaic walks never need a functional or hip update, deposited under coatings of asphalt or bamboo. However, layers usually accumulate, subconsciously and naturally, until they become the dense fabric of who we really are: complex, scarred, and evolving. So carry and know all of your lamina because it is as part of you as the countless micro-droplets of the Pacific, of the smallest gear in a forgotten golden watch, stored in an heirloom drawer. Josh Rose welcomes you to uncover Old Laminate, to digest all of its layers and to transport you to a new level. Old Laminate is the product of a successful Kickstarter project started by Midwest Singer Songwriter, Josh Rose.

During the deep freeze of 2013-14, Josh drove down every Tuesday night in every form of wretched weather to a cinder-block fortress-studio, where he, along with his producer, Michael Crittenden, crafted twelve poignant songs that forge much, much deeper than the saccharine fare that completely dominates the automatic, entitled-consumer, popular music world of our day. This music is much like a memorable meal: mood-evoking, fresh, and necessary. As the winter winds blasted the rest of the world into submission, a beautiful veneer was born and coated onto the landscape of modern music.

Josh Rose at counter